Salt Water Laboratory

Herring Gut Learning Center does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, political affiliation, age, or religious beliefs in the administration of its programs.

About Our Salt Water Laboratory

Located adjacent to Port Clyde's working waterfront and a historic lobster pound, Herring Gut's salt water laboratory includes an algae room and hatchery, offering education and research opportunities that address current challenges to sustaining marine resources for future generations.  Pumping in saltwater from the adjacent lobster pound, students at Herring Gut are able to keep marine organisms alive and healthy to monitor their reproduction, behavior, and growth. 

For over a decade students have learned applied math, science and language arts by raising various marine organisms. Students have operated an aquaculture business raising seed oysters sold to local farmers with grow-out sites on the St. George and Damariscotta Rivers, hatched and raised larval lobsters, and seeded strings with kelp plants to be grown out in the lobster pound.

What It's Used For

Experiments spawning clams for re-seeding in the rivers, monitoring shellfish population density, raising larval lobsters, and harvesting periwinkles give students a stake in determining best practice to preserve and sustain the marine environment. Marine scientists and researchers consult regularly with Herring Gut faculty and students to suggest and develop new programs, monitor progress and evaluate outcomes.

Close proximity to two marine-related businesses involved with protecting the natural environment provides students with opportunities to interact with fishermen and scientists undertaking innovative, sustainable projects; 21st century uses of the working waterfront that can provide future employment and economic development.



Inspiring a New Generation through Marine Education

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