Port Clyde Fisheries Trail

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Seventh graders and their teachers at the St. George School recently completed a Port Clyde Fisheries Trail project in collaboration with Herring Gut Learning Center to explore the past, present, and future of the fishing industry in Port Clyde. Inspired by the Downeast Fisheries Trail map, students worked to create their own map of Port Clyde, identifying historic and present day sites that have a connection to our rich fishing heritage and culture. As a part of the project, students interviewed and recorded oral histories from members of the community to collect stories of their work in the groundfishing, lobstering, sardine, and aquaculture industries. Professional oral historian, Meghan Vigeant of Stories To Tell, taught the students proper use of recording equipment and how to conduct thoughtful interviews in preparation for this part of the project. A digital map, including site descriptions, oral histories, and student photography is available online at Port Clyde Fisheries Trail Map. Paper copies of the map are available at Herring Gut Learning Center, the Jackson Memorial Library, and other community locations in St. George.

A guided tour of the Port Clyde Fisheries Trail will occur on Wednesday, July 29th from 9-10:30am as a part of Herring Gut’s Saltwater Family Series. Please join us to learn more about the project and the fishing heritage that is an integral part of the community of Port Clyde.


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