Moving Field Guide at Herring Gut

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Herring Gut recently partnered with the Farnsworth Museum and community artists to bring two instructors from the Dance Exchange in Maryland, as well as a representative from the US Forest Service, to Port Clyde to lead teacher and student workshops on “Moving Field Guides.” A Moving Field Guide is a collaboration between artists, naturalists/ecologists, and students that fuses both dance or movement with ecological/place-based learning. Herring Gut educator, Alex Brasili, participated as a naturalist instructor for a teacher workshop at the Farnsworth Museum, describing organisms in the marine habitat, their movements, and behaviors, which the dance instructors then used to create body movements. A Moving Field Guide was also held in Port Clyde at Drift Inn Beach as a culmination to Mrs. Miller’s (St. George School) 3rd grade marine investigations program. Mrs. Miller recently wrote in an email:

“ Our three weeks with Ann and Alex has been some of the best of our school year. The kids were so excited to build on what you've previously taught them, to use their iPads in a new way, and to dance with some "really cool scientists" at the beach! Such a gift! Thank you!

Big picture, I love the way the class had the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in more than one way (and in ways that were very motivating and exciting to them-technology, art, writing, and dance)! I loved the way you let them explore, then independently choose, what to research, write, and create. They felt ownership immediately!"

We are so proud to have been able to participate with the Dance Exchange, the Farnsworth, and the other community artists who helped pull this project together and bring this unique opportunity to the students and teachers we work with.  


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