Herring Gut Rings in Spring with Educational Programs for Local Schools

Two students at World Oceans Day 2012

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As the school year reached its final weeks, Herring Gut Learning Center once again held a series of spring outreach and enrichment programs for local schools. Programming covered a range of topics from algae activities to endangered species bingo, included grade levels ranging from Kindergarten through 5th grade and students from as nearby as the Saint George School and as far as Camden-Rockport Elementary.

On Thursday, May 31st, the students of Guilford Butler School spent the morning at the Center in order to learn the basics of aquaponics and partake in some exciting marine ecology activities. Approximately 80 students, along with several teachers and parent chaperones, attended the morning field trip. Herring Gut educator Ann Boover led an introduction to the Center and a tour of the aquaponics facilities and fish hatchery with help from volunteer Charles Walsh. Island Institute Fellow Alex Brasili introduced students to live ocean critters and brought them into the salt water lab, where they had the opportunity to witness the HGLC lobster program in action and observe lobsters at several phases of their life. Herring Gut Summer Programs Intern, Katie Gloede, led an algae activity in which students were introduced to the different categories of plant life found off Maine's coast and drew creative renditions of the most common species of seaweed.

On Monday, June 11th, Herring Gut once again teamed up with the Jackson Memorial Library to celebrate World Oceans Day with the students of the Saint George School. Grades Kindergarten through 5 were invited to sign up for the after school program. With help from Sam Cote, Associate Director at Jackson Memorial Library, students encountered live sea creatures, created an ocean mural that now hangs on display at the library, and played endangered species-themed bingo. The afternoon was a unique way for students to engage in ocean conservation while having a fun-filled afternoon during the final week of school.

On Tuesday, June 12th, approximately sixty students from Camden-Rockport Elementary packed Drift-In Beach for an afternoon of marine ecology activities. Students played educational games along the beach, received an introductory lesson on algae, and constructed their own tide pools complete with crustaceans, starfish, and plenty of periwinkles. Led by Ann Boover, Alex Brasili, and Katie Gloede, the students rotated in classes with their teachers and chaperones from station to station. They were also able to eat lunch on the beach and spend some time relaxing in nature before summer vacation.

Each year, Herring Gut leads several enrichment programs like these, which are aimed at introducing local student communities to aquaponics, marine ecology, and conservation. For more information about programming, visit http://herringgut.org/enrichment.html


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