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The Thomson House at Herring Gut

Our campus in Port Clyde includes the Thomson House, a traditional Maine farmhouse that looks out onto Port Clyde harbor. The house has three bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen, one sitting room, and one bathroom (w/shower) on the first floor. The furnishings are simple and rustic. Each bedroom has two twin beds. See pictures of the farmhouse.

Lodging Eligibility

Any applicant accepted into one or more of our summer sessions is welcome to apply for on-campus lodging. Space is limited to six participants during each session. Preference will be given to those who register on or before the application deadline. We will let you know within 5 business days of your application whether or not we can offer you lodging. Our accommodations are available the night prior and the two nights during each session.

What's Included?

Bed linens, blankets and towels are provided for each lodger. Please be aware that neither smoking nor pets are permitted in the Thomson House. It does have a few board games for your entertainment but no T.V. or radio. Internet can be accessed with a personal laptop in the main building. Evening meals can be enjoyed at one of the area’s many restaurants or made on site. (Port Clyde Village has a small grocery).

Other Nearby Lodging Options

Port Clyde Village:

  • The Seaside Inn ~ http://www.seasideportclyde.com/
    “A 9-guestroom bed and breakfast in an 1850 sea captain's home overlooking Port Clyde Harbor and Muscongus Bay.”
  • The Ocean House Hotel ~ http://www.oceanhousehotel.com/
    “A charming 10 room bed & breakfast, originally built in the 1820’s as a rooming house for local mariners, it has almost 190 years of lodging history.”

Tenants Harbor (2.5 miles from Port Clyde Village):

  • The East Wind Inn ~ http://www.eastwindinn.com/
    “The Inn began life as a nineteenth-century sail loft, part of a working boatyard. Occasional town meetings were held there, as well as the village's first Masonic gatherings. In the 1920s, it was converted to an inn...”
  • The Mill Pond House ~ http://millpondhouse.com
    “Situated in the hamlet of Martinsville, between the two picturesque coastal villages of Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde in the heart of the "Country of the Pointed Firs", this C.1860 farmhouse overlooks the scenic beauty of one of Maine's many harbors.”

St. George (9 miles from Port Clyde Village):

  • The Humble Farmer B & B ~ http://thehumblefarmer.com/BaB.html
    “We think you'll find The humble Farmer Bed and Breakfast to be an unforgettable cultural experience and not just an inexpensive place to spend the night. We do expect you'll be back with all your friends."

Spruce Head (11 miles from Port Clyde Village):

  • The Craignair Inn ~ http://www.craignair.com/#craignaire
    “Set on a granite ledge rising from the sea and surrounded by flower gardens, Craignair was built in 1928 to house workers from the nearby quarries.” 

South Thomaston (14.5 miles from Port Clyde Village):

  • Weskeag Inn ~ http://www.weskeag.com/
    “Built in the 1830's and filled with antiques, Weskeag Inn has a very romantic charm."

Large Motels in Rockland & Thomaston (16 – 18 miles from Port Clyde Village):

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